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Jun 28, 2018 - Woodfire Deli, Souris, MB
Jun 29, 2018 - Morden, MB
Jun 30, 2018 - Poor Michaels, Onanole, MB
Jul 1, 2018 - Dauphin Countryfest, Dauphin, MB
Jul 2, 2018 - Flav'r Country Ranch, Langenburg, SK

A Good Samaritan Story to Brighten Your Day

Nov. 19/13

In March of 2012 I was on a Western Canadian Tour with Kayla Luky, Dan Bertnick, Matt Filopoulos, Ben Hadaller, and Tony Pizzi. Our last gig found us in Golden, BC. on a Saturday night. Being a school teacher, I had to make it home to teach for Monday morning. We hit the road right after the gig and drove straight home in one shot (almost 20 hours). Luck was not in our favour, the snow began falling in heaps while we played our last set. The drive was treacherous and probably not the wisest decision we had ever made.

Being an overnight drive through the mountains in a blizzard we decided to stop often to get fresh air and maintain our wakefulness. Our first stop was in a rest stop near the border of Alberta and BC. As we headed back on the road we were unaware that my 64GB IPod full of all my music and other valuable files/information had fallen out of the car into a snow bank. We continued on through the night. It wasn't till the outskirts of Calgary that we realized what had happened. We decided it was best to just forget about for the time being and make it home to the prairies in one piece.

A week later I was playing a gig in Winnipeg. Between sets my sister Lindsay came up to me with "unbelievable news". A person from Calgary emailed her saying they found an IPod on the side of the road in a snow bank. When they plugged it in and loaded it up the only contact info was my sisters email address. They asked if she knew who's it was. A week later I received a bubble wrap letter with my IPod in the same condition it was in on that cold snowy evening in the mountains.

When it came time to say my thanks to the individual who returned my property, I realized I had misplaced the mailing info for her. It bothered me that I was unable to return my gratitude for this act. It wasn't until I finished moving to my new place in Winnipeg earlier this year that I found the tattered bubble wrap envelope shoved in the corner of a filing cabinet. Knowing that I was about to embark on a Kevin Roy Western Canadian tour with Donovan Locken, I figured I would make this address a stop on my day off in Calgary.

I am currently writing this story from a coffee shop on 17 ave SW in Calgary, two blocks east of the Good Samaritans mothers company (the return mailing address). I just spent the last 15 minutes talking to a couple colleagues of the lady who found and returned my IPod. They were all aware of this story from the other side, and speechless that I was able to connect with them in person nearly two years later. I am so grateful for this act of kindness, and so excited that I was able to wrap the story up almost two years later with a surprise visit and repayment.

Emily, your Good Samaritan act reminds me in the lowest of times that there are truly amazing people in this world.

Thank You, Kevin Roy



The Ridges of Teggau

Nov. 5/13

This week I am posting the video of 'The Ridges of Teggau', a song written in protest to the Canadian Governments removal of funding for the Experimental Lakes Area of northwestern Ontario. Over the last week, Donovan and I are finding ourselves in some of the most distant parts of this Country from the ELA. As we've travelled west there has been an obvious decline in the amount of people who are aware of the ELA facilities and the recent struggles to keep them running. However, the message of the song is always met with applause, support, and intrigue.



A Message from the Road & WECC Video #2

Oct. 27/13

Today we are halfway through our first dates in Saskatchewan. We have found nothing but amazing and accommodating folks thus far. We have definitely experienced 'Rider Nation' from behind enemy lines. It has been such a blast. We are looking forward getting out to the coast by the end of the week.

I will leave you with the second video from our show on October 12th at the West End Cultural Centre. Tonight I am posting a song I penned nearly 10 years ago, the 'Calgary Skyline Blues'. It is a fitting track as I trace back into my past through an old familiar city. But, for now we are focusing on our last Saskatchewan shows and the long drive to the coast. Here's to hoping for calm and smooth sailing through the mountain passes.



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