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Salvation on the Shore

Aug. 28/13

I can't believe the summer is almost over. The Shine On Festival of Music & Art has come and gone and it continues to be an amazing celebration of music, art, and friends. It was such a blast to host the Rise & Shine Sunday Morning Gospel workshop alongside Kayla Luky, Donovan Locken, Beth Hamilton, Maddie Roger, Kate Peterson, Amie Peterson, and a rhythm section held down by Daniel Bertnick and Lee Froese.

Between shows and festivals I've been chipping away at the record, here is a little taste of how our studio sessions have been going.

All my dreams are coming more clear
With every day that you're gone
The rivers you're sailing are troubled no more
At last there's Salvation on the Shore.



Out of the Elements and into the Lab

Aug. 8/13

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Kevin Roy with Amie Peterson (left) and Laurel Thomsen (right)

Fire & Water has come and gone...hopefully it won't come to 'guerrilla jamming' techniques to get booked in future years.

This festival is a real celebration of music, art, good times, and great people. I've always loved the spontaneity and collaborations at these types of festivals. This year we were privileged to get an extra impromptu set with the extremely talented Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen. What better way to spend a cool, rainy Sunday evening than under a tent with patio heaters and bluegrass standards. Mark it on your calendar next year, this festival keeps getting bigger and better every time!

In between festivals and local shows we also just wrapped up the pre-production sessions for some recording that will be taking place in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information on this project. See you at Shine On in a few short weeks!



Fire & Water

Jul. 28/13

A few weeks back I got the chance to spend a couple days with friends in Lac du Bonnet, a fascinating community rich in history. It was a real pleasure to hear stories and share music with locals and friends. I haven't had the chance to talk that in-depth about Canadian History since my days studying it in University.

Anyway, after a few songs, a few stories, and a few drinks we ended up getting booked to play the Fire & Water Music Festival which takes place August 2nd-4th in the town of Lac du Bonnet. Hope to see you there!

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