Hey Hey Mister K

Forget Google Maps, Cosmic Canadian Balladeer MISTER K lives in a little yellow house at the end of the Milky Way. That house, a historic Manitoba school, is a serendipitous dwelling for ‘Kevin Roy’ (Kratsch), a teacher-turned-troubadour. Sonically, his music draws parallels to the fragility and vulnerability of Neil Young, with the pop-sparkle of The Beatles. But, Mister K is far more than the music he writes and the home he lives in. He is Canadiana personified, a wanderlust storyteller sharing his travelogue through songs and photography.  

His debut album is a musical journey through the highs and lows of a mental health struggle; a pendulum swung through the hardships of his ‘Darker Days’. It is a story of overcoming adversity, making positive changes and ultimately emerging from the darkness with a story of hope. The album was created with multi-award winning producer/humble musical genius, Rusty Matyas (The Sheepdogs, The Weakerthans, Imaginary Cities, The Waking Eyes). Matyas, no stranger to the themes of the album, recently overcame a nearly fatal bout with alcoholism. The two found support, inspiration, and empowerment while breathing life into the songs; a testament to the strength of healing through music and art.

Kevin Roy and Rusty Matyas employed all of their respective instrumental abilities in tracking the debut record, with the exception of the Ringo-esque percussion batted out by Glenn Radley (Apollo Suns). The album is host to many sonic ‘easter-eggs’. Throughout the album you will hear Kevin’s bulldog Luna (Latin: moon), performing her potty-bell every time the lyric ‘moon’ is sung. This is just one tiny satellite orbiting in the soundscape of Mister K.

When Kevin Roy isn’t balladeering, he is a photographer grounded by exploring the wilderness. Whether standing atop the world’s largest non-polar ice field or roaming the forest of his own backyard (with Luna), his photography connects himself and his audience back to the guy in the little yellow house at the end of the Milky Way.  But, if you made it this far, in the simplest form, Mister K is Kevin Roy Kratsch, a bearded dude who is really into fly fishing.

The Little Yellow House at the end of the Milky Way

The Little Yellow House at the end of the Milky Way


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